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dezurtdawg's Biografie:
Geschlecht: Mann
Gewicht: Durchschnitt
Größe: Durchschnitt
Ort: Arizona
Veranlagung: Hetero
Interessiert an: Nichts
Status: Single
Rauchen: Nein
Trinken: Gelegentlich
Fetische: oral
Tiere: Katze(n), Hund(e), Vogel / (Vögel)
Benutzernummer: 1253116
Mitglied seit: December 5, 2010
Letzte Änderungen: July 14, 2011
Ein paar Worte von dezurtdawg:

7-14-2011 -- Okay, so my latest story (Photographs and Memories)is up on Literotica now. I up loaded it with instructions to put it in the 'Loving Wives' category. For some reason the powers that be chose instead to put it in the 'Novels and Novellas' category. That's too bad as I know most of you check for only certain types of stories. Also that is why in my comment at the beginning I wrote "One of the victims isn't a wife but she will be someday." It doesn't make much sense in the category they put it into. :-(

Going on vacation now doing my best to support Las Vegas while coming back with more $ than I leave with.

6-29-2011 -- Hey guys n gals,it's been a while since my last post. Got damned sick, knocked on my ass actually. That fully drained my creative juices and I'm slowly figuring out where my stories that were in process were heading. What with life's other requirements, my time for writing has been quite limited since recovering. The stories are slowly taking shape but it will be a while longer before my next post. Sorry about that.


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